Behind the scenes at Good Eggs, the locavore’s alternative to Fresh Direct

Behind the scenes at Good Eggs, the locavore’s alternative to Fresh Direct

Good Eggs is a home delivery food service that gives customers the ability to order food from more than 175 local producers and farmers: like Fresh Direct, but for customers that want to support local food systems. It was founded in San Francisco and arrived in Brooklyn last year.

The Good Eggs center of operations in Brooklyn is 630 Flushing Ave., aka the old Pfizer building. The factory that once made drugs is now home to artisanal food producers and revolutionary food companies.

While exactly how many orders Good Eggs fills per day is not information Erin Zimmer, Good Eggs community engagement and partnerships manager, could share, demand is high and they have more than 40 employees, she said.

In fact, Good Eggs has grown so much that they are moving out of Pfizer and into their own warehouse space in Bushwick that’s nearly five times larger than where they currently are. The move is slated for next month.

What will they do with all the additional space? Expand, of course.

According to Josh Morgenthau, whose title is City Lead, the plan is to expand to “other boroughs” (he wouldn’t be more specific) with a target date of next spring.

Good Eggs has seemingly tapped into a growing market: busy New Yorkers who want the ease of home delivery but also have the desire to support local farms and small producers. Timing is, as they say, everything.

Before the company expands and moves to Bushwick, here’s a peek inside the old Pfizer building, which has transformed from a sterile pharmaceutical plant to a hub for Brooklyn’s creative up-and-comers.

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