Poutine Week at Mile End promises gut-busting fries and toppings

It’s summer, you want fries slathered in gravy and cheese, right?

While the gluttonous dish poutine may not seem like the perfect summer food, according to Noah Bernamoff and his chefs and partners at Mile End Deli, it totally should be. That’s why after a successful February run, they’ve brought Poutine Week back. Only this time, for the summer.

“We decided why the hell not, let’s do it again,” said Bernamoff.

“Who doesn’t want to eat a hot, steamy plate of poutine on a hot, summer day?” he asked, with only a hint of sarcasm.

In Febraury, Mile End hosted Poutine Week in conjuction with Poutine Week in Monteal, which is fitting as Mile End is a riff on the Montreal-style deli, and the place Bernamoff hails from. Each day they offered a different variation on their standard smoked meat poutine, to much success.

But this time, each mind-blowing combination – there are five of them – will be available on each day. Poutine Week is from July 15-20 and the huge, $20 plates will be available at both Manhattan and Brooklyn locations of Mile End.

Diners can choose from the following:

  • Chilaquiles poutine: fries topped with crispy beef tongue, red onion, cilantro, scallion, cheese curds, salsa verde and crema
  • Smoked meat burger poutine: fries topped with chopped smokes meat burger, mustard mayo, red onion and american cheese sauce
  • Thanksgiving poutine: fries topped with smoked turkey, herb roasted carrots and celery, cheese curds and gravy
  • General Tso’s poutine: fries topped with panko fried smoked chicken, red pepper, scallion and General Tso’s sauce
  • Foie Gras poutine: fries topped with shaved foe torchon, cheese curds and gravy

All except the smoked meat burger poutine were offered in February, but Bernamoff said the chilaquiles poutine is especially exciting.

“We love beef tongue… We crisp it up so it becomes like the texture and flavor of bacon,” he said. “I can tell them it’s bacon and they will thnk it’s the best bacon ever. We pickles it, we braise it, slice in thinly and throw it on the griddle like a piece of bacon.”

Can you dig it?

Because there are so many delicious types of poutine, Mile End is offering a punch card. Try all five and get a large classic poutine for free, anytime after Poutine Week.

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