Romagna Ready 2 Go serves NYC’s newest mash-up: The Piadilla

Cultures are melting together in New York City.

Cultures are melting together in New York City. 

Romagna Ready 2 Go (182 Bleecker St.), is mashing up its customizable piadinas with another cheesey, carby classic: quesadillas. 

The Piadilla takes the foldable Italian flatbread used in the piadina and fills it with Mexican-inspired toppings. 

Chef Lorenzo Lorenzi is cooking up two options from May 5-8, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, and you’ll probabably want to show off the cheesy creations on Instagram before they’re off the menu. 

The Carne Piadilla will be fillled with slow-cooked beef, basil guacamole, spicy blue cheese sauce, tomatoes, white rice, black beans, fresh red and green peppers and pecorino. And a vegetarian version, Vedura, will have white rice, caramelized onions, fresh cherry tomatoes, grilled zucchini, grilled green peppers, basil guacamole, Italian spicy mayo and pecorino. 

Guac isn’t extra and we’re already preparing for the line for #Piadillas. 

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