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Shake Shack's crinkle fries return

Shake Shack's signature crinkle fries disappeared for healthier

Shake Shack's signature crinkle fries disappeared for healthier options, but popular demand helped the crinkles return to Shack menus. Photo Credit: Shake Shack

When Shake Shack debuted their "Fresh Fries" this past spring, Shack fans immediately rejected the change. Where were the crisp, curvy fries so essential to seeping up ketchup or cheese sauce in their ridges? Straight fries just weren't going to cut it. 

In August, Shake Shack announced the November return of the crinkle fries admitting, "It’s clear that we underestimated the love for our classic crinkle cut fry." That they did.

Crinkle lovers can rejoice: the fries have officially returned to Shake Shack menus!

An Instagram from Shake Shack CEO @randygarutti confirmed that the crinkles are now available and look just as delicious as ever. Especially covered in cheese sauce. The crinkles can be found on all Shack menus though the original Madison Square Park location is currently undergoing renovations through the winter.

New Yorkers' mouths and hearts can be warmed by the signature crinkles today and forever more.

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