Stoop shrimp time! (Would you eat sidewalk shrimp?)

This is how you cook shrimp in Dyker Heights.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you want to cook a whole bunch of shrimp, but it’s so hot in your apartment you don’t dare turn the oven on. Sounds plausible, right? That might have been you, last night!

Anyway, a Dyker Heights resident took to their concrete sidewalk to cook dozens of shrimp one hot day in June, and a neighbor was so grossed out he took a pic and contacted The Brooklyn Paper. 

“I thought, ‘Man, that’s dirty if somebody’s gonna eat that,’ “said Vinny V., who lives nearby the shrimp house and only wanted to give his first name. “What if a dog comes by and pees on it?”

We’re with you, Vinny! 

Now, it’s one thing to cook on a clean, personal surface, maybe in your backyard? With no exposure to anyone else’s feet or pets? But it’s another to straight up lay out a bunch of shrimp for all to see, and mess with. 

Vinny told The Brooklyn Paper the shrimp were still there hours later and he saw a woman pile them into a basket.

According to the Paper, neighbors complained of a “condition attracting rodents” to 311 on June 13 at that location and the Health Department is investigating.

A woman at the address told the Paper she didn’t speak English, and another neighbor guessed the method was “traditional” and “rural.”

Brooklyn is hardly rural. Would you eat these shrimp? 


Georgia Kral