Eat your peas!

Spring brings with it dishes that highlight the seasonal veggie. You’ll be seeing green with these healthful creations, using spring and sugar snap peas, this season.

Pea risotto at Rouge Tomate

Rouge Tomate's spring pea risotto

Executive chef Andy Bennett recently added this dish to the dinner menu. A spring pea puree coats the risotto, which also has some smoked trout, horseradish, shallot, chervil and Parmesan mixed in and is topped with Greek yogurt. $16/half size, $30/ full size; closed Mondays, 126 W. 18th St., 646-395-3978,

(Credit: Cody Rasmussen)

Mint and pea cavatelli at The Little Beet Table

The Little Beet Table's mint and pea cavatelli

Chef Franklin Becker’s gluten-free restaurant makes use of both sugar snap peas and English peas, along with mint and sheep’s milk feta, in this pasta dish. The vegetarian dish can also be beefed up with protein, like chicken, for extra. $14/half size, $21/full; 333 Park Ave. S., 212-466-3330,

(Credit: Meredith Deliso)

Sugar snap peas at Villanelle

Villanelle's sugar snap peas salad

The green in this salad is a combination of sugar snap peas, Thai basil and mint. Underneath all that verdancy, there’s eggplant, though executive chef Nick Licata might mix it up based on what’s available. Find it on the lunch and dinner menus. $16; closed Sundays, 15 E. 12th St., 212-989-2474,

(Credit: Meredith Deliso)