Honey, they shrunk the Frappuccino!

If you want to save a few cents and a bunch of calories, the mini Frap can help!

If you want to save a few cents and a couple more calories, Starbucks is trying to help.

The Seattle-based coffee chain add a “mini” Frappuccino to its menu on Monday.

The 10oz frozen drink is 2oz smaller than a 12oz “tall” size and costs between 20-30 cents less. Starbucks says that the mini Frapps will also have, on average, about 100 fewer calories than the next size up.

For a limited time, every Frappuccino flavor is available in the mini size.

No word on if other drinks will be available in mini cups, but most Starbucks stock 8oz “short” or “kids” cups for smaller sizes of hot drinks.

Take your kids, your miniature dogs and your dolls — who knows how long this cute little coffee drink will be around!


Melissa Kravitz