Stock up on Pumpkin Spice syrup while you still can!

It’s an investment, really.

You know the feeling.

It’s a breezy, rainy April day and you’re still snuggled up in your winter coat even though the tulips have already sprouted on Park Avenue and spring was possibly, maybe in the air a week prior.

All you want is a warm, cozy Pumpkin Spice latte, but every coffee shop barista in a 10-mile radius will chuckle if you request the “seasonal” beverage so early in the year.

Starbucks, of course, can help us plan ahead to the PSL-less season.

Fontana Pumpkin Sauce, now with real pumpkin(!), is for sale on the coffee chain’s online store! We can’t confirm that it is the same sauce to be used in Starbucks’ PSLs this fall, but the ingredient list adds up exactly with the one Starbucks released last week.

While the 63 fl. oz. bottle — that’s almost 2 liters — is probably intended to keep you happy through Halloween, we recommend you stock up and lock away any excess supply until PSL deprivation really kicks in.

According to Starbucks’ online store, just a pump or two to your coffee or espresso drink is all you need for pumpkin spice goodness.

At $25.95 for many, many pumps, we can assure you this is much cheaper than that $5-plus latte you wanted to sip with a green straw.

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