Subway Inn opens in new location

One of the city’s most famous dive bars was set to close and was saved. As if that wasn’t surprising enough, it only took 14 weeks for Subway Inn to get back on its feet.

Yes, the classic bar has reopened at Second Ave. and 60th St., a couple of blocks from its original location and has been “virtually replicated.”

The official opening is tonight, but regulars were treated to a sneak preview Thursday night. A taste of the excitement:

“At the new Subway Inn location. The bathrooms are (relatively) immaculate!” – @markyarm

“So happy to be at the reopening of @SubwayInn!” – @kavithadavidson

“Yay, they’re back & open! @subwayinn #subwayinn #savesubwayinn #secondavenue #nyc #ues” – @melissa49

The Salinas Family, who have owned Subway Inn for more than 40 years, credits toe public awareness campaign about the Inn’s closing with their speedy recovery.

They hope the familiar appearance and vibe will keep patrons coming back.

“Patrons who remember the old Subway Inn will have more than a déjà vu moment. The same neon sign that welcomed patrons at the former location for more than seven decades, is now at our new location,” they wrote in a press release. “In addition, the bar, the booths, pictures of Marilyn as well as her high heels-and many of the original bar-stools are waiting to greet our Subway Inn family they once again stop by for a cold drink and  great conversation.”

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