We survived the Umami Burger Tasting Menu

We survived the Umami Burger Tasting Menu

When the invitation showed up in my inbox, I laughed first. A tasting menu, at Umami Burger??

But the laughter subsided and the crazy factor set in. I was being invited to try 8 burgers in one sitting, with 8 beverage pairings. I decided it was a opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up.

The 8 burgers and 3 sides tasting menu is available at three Umami Burger locations in Los Angeles and at the Williamsburg location in NYC for $175 with beverages, $95 without. This is for four guests, $20 extra per person.

And so on a rainy Tuesday evening, four hungry amNY.com editors found their way to Umami Burger in Williamsburg, ready for a culinary experience/ experiment. There were highs and lows. There were fears and hopes dashed. We made it to the end. Here is our story.

Georgia Kral