Where to eat in Kew Gardens, Queens: Restaurants, bakeries and more

Kew Gardens, Queens, may have only been settled in the late 19th century, but the neighborhood’s true beginnings were approximately 23,000 years ago. Old Kew Gardens explains that back then, a glacier was moving along present-day Queens and stopped there. (It must have decided Kew Gardens seemed nice.) The glacier melted, the water ran east towards the ocean, and it created flat land where people could build Kew Gardens and its nearby neighborhoods.

Now, just over 100 years after it was settled, Kew Gardens is connected to the city by various subway lines as well as the LIRR. It’s also home to part of the beautiful Forest Park, and it’s filled with various restaurants, cafes and bakeries.

Here’s our guide to our favorite eight places to feed your appetite in Kew Gardens.

Sophie Hirsh