Splurging on a fancy dinner is nice, but the real beauty of living in New York is amazing food at an equally amazing price.

And the latest bang for buck options, outlined in Zagat’s 2017 guide released Wednesday, are a testament to New York’s classic staples, with pizza restaurants making up half the list (and the top three) for full-meal options.

For the classic New York experience, hunker down for a coal oven pizza pie at Juliana’s in DUMBO, No. 1 on Zagat’s Best Bangs for the Buck: Full-Meal Bargains list.

Patsy Grimaldi himself opened this pizzeria in what used to be the original location of Grimaldis (which they sold in the 1990s and has since moved down the street). Grab a Margherita pie ($21 for a large) and a Brooklyn Lager on tap and settle in to soak up New York pizza history.

Head to Red Hook for the No. 4 spot: Hometown BBQ. Here you will find everything from brisket and pulled pork ($14 and $11, respectively, for a half pound) to Vietnamese hot wings ($9).

For a more casual option, check out Alidoro, No. 1 on the best bangs for the buck quick bites list. The Italian sandwich shop has been open since 1986 and has since expanded to three locations.

And if you still have pizza on the brain, head to Di Fara, a Brooklyn institution and No. 10 on the best bangs for the buck quick bites list. A slice may cost $5, but that doesn’t stop New Yorkers and tourists alike from flocking to Midwood, Brooklyn.

Best Bangs for the Buck: Full-Meal Bargains

1) Juliana’s

2) Emily

3) Lucali

4) Hometown BBQ

5) Sripraphai

6) San Matteo

7) Roberta’s

8) Taci’s Beyti

9) Chaiwali

10) Momosan Ramen & Saki


Best Bangs for the Buck: Cheap quick bites

1) Alidoro

2) Los Tacos No. 1

3) Arepa Lady

4) Genuine Superette

5) Taim

6) Leo’s Latticini

7) Breads Bakery

8) Absolute Bagels

9) Untamed Sandwiches

10) Di Fara