Another 15 coronavirus victims among New York’s public school staff


The Department of Education reported on Monday 15 more novel coronavirus related deaths among its employees bringing the total count to 63 people. 

Those that have passed away included 25 teachers, 26 paraprofessionals, two administrators, two facilities staff, two school aids, two food service staffers, a parent coordinator, a guidance counselor, two central office employees. One of the employees also worked at one of the city’s 435 Regional Enrichment Centers. 

“We have also lost School Safety Agents who are a part of each school’s fabric — greeting students each morning and ensuring their communities feel safe and supported every day,” said DOE spokesperson Miranda Barbot. “Each of these individuals had an impact on one of our schools or offices, and we are supporting these communities during this unimaginably difficult time.”

The DOE has yet to release any more details such as names or schools in order to respect family member privacy, the statement added. 

“We will continue to provide protective equipment to our workers on the front lines, resources to our school staff keeping remote learning going, and mental health support for any student or staff in need,” Barbot wrote. The statement does not specify how many and where PPEs have been distributed. 

DOE officials first released long-awaited data on the coronavirus last Monday on novel coronavirus related deaths. On April 13, 48-school based employees had died from complications after contracting the virus between March 16 and April 10, DOE spokesperson Miranda Barbot said in a statement. 

Barbot also said that the agency would release updated numbers every Monday.