Andrew Rannells talks the next season of ‘Girls’

We caught up with Elijah.

We saw a lot of “Girls” ? and guys, too, on Wednesday night at the Housing Works Groundbreaker Awards Dinner.

“Girls” cast members Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Andrew Rannells and Alex Karpovsky were all spotted on the red carpet.

We caught up with Rannells, 36, who plays Elijah on the show.

He gave us an exclusive peak at the upcoming fifth season of “Girls,” and what we can expect from his character Elijah, who plays Hannah’s gay best friend.

“The show is stuck with me now,” Rannells joked. “We’re currently filming the next season now. I’m really excited about it. It’s an exciting show to work on because it really evolves each season.”

So what can we expect from Elijah?

“Elijah gets a love interest,” Rannells said. “Which is exciting!”

Rannells’ Elijah is the funniest guy on the show, so we can’t wait!