Chase Contemporary celebrates art and fashion in latest exhibit

chase gallery
Photos courtesy of Chase Contemporary

Chase Contemporary is partnering with fashion designer Travis Taddeo to launch the New 2022 capsule collection; this gallery will be fusing art and fashion to celebrate accomplished women artists. 

Other New York fashion designers will showcase their pieces within Chase Contemporary’s expanded art gallery. Women who are the foundation of this company will highlight more female artists and their works like Sky Kim and Imani Bilal with this increase in space. 

“We were able to kick both spaces off with an exhibition that brought both art and fashion,” said Christopher Pusey, a partner in the gallery. “It was really exciting we were able to marry the two retail spaces to give ourselves a 10,000-square-foot footprint on West Broadway.”

The gallery will also host events supporting collaborations with the artist’s community among music, fashion and tech. Featuring icons in Urban Artwork such as Kenny Scharf, Retna, Risk, Ron English, BANKSY and Richard Hambelton.

“We’ve built a great team of people that share a similar vision to help promote artists […] Sky Kim is that next exhibition and chapter in us, presenting an artist that is immensely talented and giving her exposure,” Pusey said.  

Jumping onboard is fashion designer Travis Taddeo, described in two words: Raw Minimalism. His team is dedicated to selecting the finest of local raw materials to apply traditional craftsmanship while minimizing waste. Their pieces are created in-house from TT World’s seasonless capsule collection and limited-edition pieces.

“We want people to have the experience that they are coming into a gallery space that can give them information on art history,” Pusey said. “We hope that their takeaway is that they had a pleasant and engaging experience as they walk out the door.”

Some exhibition pieces will be available for purchase paired with Chase Contemporary’s installation of art. The gallery is located at 413 West Broadway and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.