The Kozo revolution: Experience the transcendent creations of a 21st century master of modern art

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Spider-Man on a Kozo masterpiece
DTR Modern Galleries

In the heart of the bustling metropolis that is New York City, where dreams are woven into the very fabric of its skyline, a revolutionary force is about to emerge from the shadows — poised to challenge perceptions and redefine the boundaries of artistic expression.

Enter Kozo, a luminary in the realm of tattoo artistry, whose captivating narrative is set to unfold in his inaugural solo exhibition at the esteemed National Arts Club.

On April 12, the world will bear witness to a momentous occasion as Kozo unveils his transcendent creations within the hallowed halls of the National Arts Club. Presented by the renowned DTR Modern Gallery, this event promises to be more than just an exhibition; it is a convergence of passion, talent, and innovation that will leave an indelible mark on the annals of art history.

Kozo art: We're all Mad Here
“We’re All Mad Here XL” by KozoDTR Modern Galleries

From the very outset, Kozo’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, a testament to the power of unwavering dedication and raw talent. At a mere 27 years old, he has already ascended to the upper echelons of the global tattoo scene, leaving an indelible imprint on the skin of luminaries such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Ruby Rose, and Demi Lovato. Yet, his artistic prowess transcends the confines of celebrity, reaching deep into the core of human experience.

What sets Kozo apart is not just his masterful technique or his ability to transform flesh into living canvases of art, but rather his unwavering commitment to storytelling and the exploration of the human condition. Each stroke of his needle is imbued with meaning, each design a reflection of the myriad emotions and experiences that define us as individuals.

“Hercules” by KozoDTR Modern Galleries

What his short and yet extraordinary artistic journey reveals is that Kozo is more than just a tattoo artist; he is a visionary, a trailblazer who pushes the boundaries of his craft beyond the realms of convention.

Inspired by the likes of Rembrandt and Van Gogh, he seamlessly melds traditional techniques with contemporary sensibilities, creating works that are at once timeless and utterly modern. One of his first breakout pieces “We’re All Mad Here” combines the brilliance of post-impressionism with the sense of depth captured in classical antiquity, and a modern elevation of tattoo ink.

This amalgamation is one that has led the artist to the very threshold of innovation—making his debut exhibition one of the most anticipated of the season.

Kozo’s transcendent work will be on display at the DTR Modern Gallery in SoHoDTR

This upcoming solo show at the National Arts Club is not merely an exhibition but a testament to profound impact of art’s transformative potency.. It is an invitation to delve into the depths of human expression, to explore the intersection of tradition and innovation, and to bear witness to the birth of a new artistic movement.

This event is a private reception; to request an invitation to this event, reach out to info@dtrmodern.com as space is limited. To view his exquisite work, visit dtrmodern.com or DTR Modern Gallery in Soho.