Bacon Brothers in the ‘Driver’ seat: Kevin and Michael are living the dream

Kevin and Michael Bacon are living the dream. In addition to their very successful “day jobs” — Kevin is an actor and Michael has been scoring films for almost 40 years — the duo have been professionally touring and releasing acoustic rock music for more than two decades.

amNewYork caught up with The Bacon Brothers to talk about their new single, what drives them to go on tour and more.

You both are extremely busy. What drives you to write and perform and how do you find the time?

Michael Bacon: It’s kind of elusive, since we never intended to form a band, the band formed us. And it’s still kind of that way. If we want to do it, we do it. It’s a great luxury. It’s a sense of freedom. And I think we’ve just gotten better. We have a small group of fans that come to hear us anywhere across the country and really like the sound of the band.

Talk to us about the new single, “Driver.”

Kevin Bacon: “Driver” is a really simple song [with] a complicated back story. [My] sister came up with this idea to create something [personal] for each other [for Christmas]. And this song just popped into my head. I made a funky demo and sent it to her. The song sort of exists as a memory of summer love.

Do we expect a full album to come soon or are you piecing songs together as you tour?

MB: I think piecing it together is what we’re about now. The only thing in common with the music business that I entered in so long ago and now is that the real key is to make incredible [music] and it will find its own way.

The six degrees of Kevin Bacon took hold before the idea of “going viral” even existed. Do you revel in it? Are you sick of it?

KB: I don’t know if I revel in it so much. But it’s one of those things that doesn’t show any signs of going away. I think the idea is actually sort of a powerful one because [even] if you take me out of it, everyone wants to be connected.

Am I technically one degree now after this interview?

KB: Technically, no [laughs]. We have to be in a film together. But if you’d like to consider yourself one degree, as far as I’m concerned, that’s fine.

If you go

The Bacon Brothers are at City Winery on July 18 and 19 at 8 p.m., 155 Varick St., 212-608-0555, $35-$55