Charles Soule dishes on the many, many comics he writes

Practicing law is certainly time-consuming.

Practicing law while also writing seven monthly comics featuring the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman and She-Hulk seems like an unwieldy task, but that’s the current workload for Brooklynite Charles Soule.

“I think [it’s] because they’re so different that I’m able to do it,” Soule says. “If all were a weird horror book or a superhero romance book, it would be very difficult because you’re hitting the same beats, cannibalizing yourself with each book.”

amNewYork spoke with Soule to get his thoughts about his comics and their pop culture analogues:


Wonder Woman’

“[This] is a gigantic superhero action story that happens to have the two lead characters in a romance. The comparison I like to use is ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ because you have a fantastic, gripping action adventure, but you also have a blossoming romance between Han Solo and Princess Leia.”

‘Red Lanterns’

“Your analogy for [this is] ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ … A bunch of space aliens who … have formed themselves into an almost space biker gang and they’re patrolling around Earth trying to keep bad things from happening.”

‘Swamp Thing’

” ‘Swamp Thing’ is almost like a strange book, done purposely. It has some elements of horror [and] strange fantasy in it. The way it plays out, it’s almost like ‘Twin Peaks.’ “

‘Letter 44’

” ‘Letter 44’ is … ‘West Wing’ meets ‘Alien.’ A political science fiction thriller about a president who comes into office [and] discovers the previous president found aliens in an asteroid belt and covered it up.”


” ‘The Good Wife,’ but with superheroes.”


” ‘Thunderbolts’ is a big, dark action-adventure thriller. Everyone on the team is a murderer or a killer of one stripe or another, who are all trying to get together. ? I guess its kind of like the Avengers, but very selfish.”


” ‘Inhuman’ [coming out in April] is basically ‘Game of Thrones’ with superheroes in it.”