Todd Barry knows a thing or two about traveling.

The dry-witted comedian, a late-night regular who’s also known for acting spots in “Louie” and “The Wrestler,” is on the road three to four months of the year.

For his first book, “Thank You for Coming to Hattiesburg” (out March 14, $25.99), Barry chronicled his visits to “not-quite-the-biggest cities in the world” — “secondary markets” like Asheville, North Carolina, and Bloomington, Indiana.

Part tour diary, part memoir, the book follows Barry from airports to hotels to venues across the country and beyond, including his favorite on-the-road activity: “finding a coffee shop that makes me feel like I’m in Brooklyn.”

amNewYork spoke with Barry, who lives in Manhattan, via email about his travel tips.

What’s your research method when traveling to a new place?

I find out the address of the venue I’m performing at, then do a hotel search based on the address. Or if the venue picks a hotel for me, I will use that to search things like restaurants and coffee shops.

How has social media, like Twitter, changed how you travel to new places?

When I announce a new tour date, people from that city will occasionally tweet recommendations to me.

What’s your advice for getting the most out of miles/points?

I guess it’s best to stick to one airline if you can. There are some frequent-flier message boards.

You make sure that you’re comfortable on the road, especially when it comes to hotel rooms. What are your tips for people when it comes to things like changing rooms?

Hotels have some bad rooms that I suspect they try to dump on people. I will often ask for a quiet room, and they usually have one in mind. So ask for a quiet room if you want to avoid being near a room that’s being renovated. Also, always ask for a late checkout. Unless you don’t need one.

You get around on foot when you can and don’t seem to ever rent a car. Why is that? Do you find most places walkable, especially in less urban areas?

I don’t love driving, especially parking. And when I get off a long flight, the last thing I want to do is get on a car rental shuttle and deal with all the pushiness. And a lot of cities have nice car services like Lyft to get me to faraway coffee shops.