‘Girls’ actor Alex Karpovsky debuts mental health web series featuring Lena Dunham, more

Can you really unfold a lifetime of therapy advice in under two minutes?

Former “Girls” actor Alex Karpovsky just released the first season of his new web series “Shrink,” featuring video episodes of celebrities divulging their therapy experiences in under 120 seconds. Karpovsky, who played the lovable Ray Ploshansky in Dunham’s HBO series, teamed up with Brooklyn-based designer Teddy Blanks to work under the moniker Spielbergs for the project.

The season six-episode season gets up close and personal with comedian Sarah Silverman (“The Sarah Silverman Program”), author Susan Orlean (“Lazy Little Loafers”), actress Natasha Lyonne (“Orange is the New Black”), writer Gary Shteyngart (“Little Failure”), director Kimberly Peirce (“Carrie”) and actress Lena Dunham (“Girls”).

Discussing how long they’d spoken to therapists and for what reasons, Silverman and Lyonne, in their episodes, both found a way to tie in some humor.

“You know when people go like, ‘Wow, how do you do stand-up? That would be so scary to me.’ And I’m like, ‘That is nothing compared to my childhood,’” Silverman says opening her episode, speaking on her self-deprecating teenage years. “I remember my therapist just saying, ‘Look in the mirror less.’ It got me starting to stop talking about myself.”

“I’m Natasha Lyonne. I’m a New York Jew, so I’ve probably been in therapy since I was a teenager but I can’t recall an exact date,” the “OITNB” actress said, quickly asking for the “next question” after saying she’s “not a big fan” of the therapy process.

Dunham, however, kept the focus reigned in on her lifelong struggle with OCD — not surprising for the actress/producer who had been pretty vocal about her mental health while filming “Girls,” portraying some of her own struggles in her character Hannah Horvath.

“I remember my therapist was the first person who really pointed out to me how much of my life was living in service of other people’s perceptions of me,” Dunham said. The 13-year-old said she’s been in therapy for the past 23 years. Work “was the thing that started me in a direction where my obsessive-compulsive disorder no longer defined my life — which it doesn’t anymore.”

You can watch the season now at spielbergs.video/shrink.