‘Hamilton’ is putting on free show for NYC public school teachers

Hundreds of city teachers are not throwing away their shot.

Hundreds of city teachers are not throwing away their shot.

About 400 public school teachers including Teach For America-New York educators will be treated to a free performance of “Hamilton” on Wednesday evening.

Organizers of the show, a partnership between the teaching program, the Department of Education and Barclays, hope its message of diversity and inclusiveness will resonate with educators — and their students.

“The way the story is told … is really culturally responsive education at its best, and that’s something that we at Teach for America are deeply committed to,” said Charissa Fernández, the executive director of TFA-NY. “I think particularly at this moment in our country, teachers are struggling every day to figure out how best to support their students.”

In addition to teachers, 30 Barclays employees and contractors had the chance to win a hot ticket to the popular show.

Besides the show, the 400 teachers will attend two days of diversity and inclusion training on March 16 and 21, funded by a grant from Barclays through The Fund for Public Schools. “To have the opportunity to pair it with the professional development further enhances the opportunity,” Fernández said. “To be able to give the teachers some concrete language and tools that they can equip themselves with and with which they can really work to build inclusive classrooms is just great.”



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