Ice Cube straight outta ’22 Jump Street’

Ice Cube is no stranger to sequels.

Ice Cube is no stranger to sequels.

The rapper turned actor has returned for a second “Barbershop” (with a third announced), a sequel to “Are We There Yet,” two more “Fridays” and his film from earlier in the year, “Ride Along,” is slated to have a follow-up as well. Not to mention that he also took over the “XXX” franchise for its sequel.

He’s in yet another sequel this Friday, “22 Jump Street,” reprising his role as Captain Dickson, the easily-angered boss of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill’s Jenko and Schmidt.

This film is very self aware and quick to address a lot of people’s concerns about doing more of the same thing in a sequel.

“[‘Jump Street’ directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller] know all the obstacles that people have in their minds,” Cube said. “’22 Jump Street,’ that’s their opportunity, they said, to give people more than they expect. To make it better than they expect.”

For Cube, the key to a successful sequel is a dedication to “doing a fresh movie.”

“You have to consciously not be lazy and depend so much on the first movie and the first jokes and all the first situations,” he explains. “It’s the challenge of make a new meal with the same ingredients.”

One of the ways the film keeps things new is it gets Dickson out from behind his desk and into the field.

“It’s cool anytime they expand your role,” he says. “You realize that the audience liked your character and want to see more. … When you think of ’21 Jump Street,’ you have to think of Captain Dickson. It ain’t just Jenko and Schmidt.”

So, the big question is, of course, “23 Jump Street”?

“Right now there’s no word,” Cube said, despite some scenes during the credits that might say otherwise. “I think people learn from ‘Back to the Future’ that you don’t talk about a sequel until the movie does good, and you definitely don’t shoot one until the movie does good.

“I don’t think anyone’s going to say [expletive] about a sequel until June 16 or June 20 and we know we’ve got numbers,” Cube continues, “and somebody might hint that, ‘do you all want to do this again?’

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