Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer untitled comedy script completed

“We have an official first draft.”

Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence says she and Rockville Centre-raised comedy star Amy Schumer have finished the comedy script they announced in August they were writing together.

“That is done . . . We have an official first draft,” Lawrence, 25, told BBC Radio 6. “And I’m going to try and fit that somewhere in my ghoulish schedule,” adding she hoped it would happen “pretty soon.”

In the film, she told “Entertainment Tonight” in November, Schumer plays a well-adjusted airport worker who dreams of being a flight attendant, while Lawrence’s character is “a mess.”

“When you’re writing a comedy,” she told the BBC, “it’s not good enough unless you’re laughing out loud. So I’m laughing at my own pages and I’m laughing at her pages. . . . And I think we’ve got a pretty funny, good movie.”

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