Madonna makes out with Drake at Coachella

Madonna made out with Drake at Coachella.

What happens when the Queen of Pop makes out with Drake?

An image we’ll never be able to unsee.

On Sunday at Coachella, Madonna made a surprise appearance during Drake’s set. Drake, 28, sang his new song “Madonna,” when suddenly Madge herself showed up!

And what began as some innocent dancing around Drake while he sat in a chair quickly turned, well, mushy.

Madonna, 56, went in for the kiss, and a full make out session between Drake and Madge ensued.

The crowd audibly gasped, and it was pretty much the most uncomfortable thing you could witness.

Madonna had told Us Weekly back in March that “her lifelong ambition ? is to go on a dream date with Drake ?and kiss him,” so I guess she fulfilled that. Good for you, Madonna!

But poor Drake. In the video clip of the kiss that quickly went viral, he wiped his mouth and covered his eyes with his hands.

Let’s just pretend this never happened?

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