Maroon 5, Jimmy Fallon go undercover as NYC subway buskers

Jimmy Fallon keeps disguising celebrities as buskers at the 47th-50th Street subway station and you keep missing it. This time, he threw on a wig and top hat and sang “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” with Maroon 5.

Setting up on a hipster-looking rug next to the steps for uptown B, D, F, M trains, Adam Levine and Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine belted out the 1980’s Queen hit behind darkened sunglasses and fake beards. A clip of the nearly four-minute surprise was posted to the “Tonight Show” YouTube page Tuesday evening.

A small crowd of fans began hovering around the talented trio early on, but a significant group ended up gathering around before Fallon could pull off his dramatic reveal.

“We’re gonna do one more song for you guys, but first I’d just like to say hello. My name is Jimmy Fallon and this is Maroon 5. Give it up New York, New York,” Fallon said through the screams of excited commuters.

Levine, who said he wished he could keep his bearded disguise on, then sang the band’s 2014 hit “Sugar” while Fallon jammed out on a tambourine.

Fallon pulled the same stunt beneath Rockefeller Center with Miley Cyrus back in June and with U2 in 2015.

The moral of the story: Consider using the 47th-50th Street subway station more often.