New York Comic Con tickets will require Fan Verification

Fans heading to New York Comic Con in the fall will have to reveal their secret identities.

The organizers of the annual geek convention announced Tuesday that it will institute a Fan Verification profile in order to get their ticket. The move aims to limit the number of scalpers and resellers who increase the price well above the regular prices.

“Supply and demand still means that some fans who want to attend New York Comic Con might not get tickets or might not get the ticket type that they want,” the organizers said on the convention’s website.

Fans over 13 will have to fill out a profile between May 20 and June 1 if they plan on purchasing a ticket for themselves and friends. Once verified, they will get a 48-hour notice prior to when the tickets go on sale.

The event has grown exponentially over its 10-year history with 167,000 attendees coming to last year’s four-day event. Tickets typically cost $50 a day for adults, and $5 a day for kids.

There are also three day passes for $75 and four day passes for $105.