Q&A with Theresa Wayman of indie-pop quartet Warpaint

Indie-pop quartet Warpaint is celebrating its 10th anniversary. During that time, the Los Angeles-based band released only two albums, but gained plenty of well-known fans.

Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante produced the band’s first EP, and U2 producer Flood and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich both worked on the group’s new, self-titled album.

amNewYork spoke with singer-guitarist Theresa Wayman.

How has the band changed in the four years since your last release?

We’re a lot tighter and got to know each others’ musical patterns a lot more. We’re always growing. We found a rhythm together and a voice as well.

Were you pinching yourself to have two star producers on your new album?

Definitely. I didn’t think Nigel was going to say yes. I’ve been in a position where I wished he was the guy working on our album. You pinch yourself for a moment. Then you say, “I put in a lot of work and think we’re doing something kind of special and unique, so maybe we deserve it in some way or another.” Then you get on with it and make the most of the situation.

Your music is both dreamy and danceable. Do you prefer dreaming or dancing?

Is it cheating to say I like both? I listen to a lot of hip-hop and music that spins off from that and has a good groove. I’m drawn to that, but I also like music that has a darker, otherworldly, dreamy feel about it.

You’re also releasing a documentary. Was the goal to give fans a look inside your process?

It’s a look inside the process, but it’s also going to be tweaked and much more abstract. I don’t think any of us want to release a documentary with footage of us jamming around on our instruments. That’s a little narcissistic and boring. It’s a re-envisioning of what we’re doing and it’s coming from [director] Chris Cunningham’s mind, which is a very interesting thing.