Sandra Lee saves baby seal pup in California

TV personality and girlfriend of Governor Cuomo is doing some good on the Left Coast.

If you’re not following Sandra Lee on Facebook (and now’s probably good time to ask yourself why you’re not) you probably missed some big news!

The chef, author, TV personality and longterm girlfriend of our very own Gov. Andrew Cuomo added another title to her resume: Baby Animal Hero.

On Wednesday, Lee rescued a baby seal pup she found on the beach in California.

“While walking on the ?#?beach? this morning in ?#?Malibu?, this is what I found. A starving baby seal, I called wildlife rescue and I’m waiting for them to come!” she posted.”

The Emmy Award winner followed up with a series of videos detailing the rescue of the “starving baby seal.” She also posted a TIME article entitled “Why Hundreds of Starving Sea Lion Pups Are Washing Up in California” and announced that the seal pup “gets four new human mothers! I love the girls at California Wildlife Center!”

We’re just wondering if the seal pup got to enjoy a semi-homemade meal.

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