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Actress Sean Young returns laptops after theft accusations, report says

Actress Sean Young reportedly returned the two laptops she was accused of stealing from a Queens production crew’s offices last week.

The 58-year-old, known best for her ’80s roles in flicks such as “Blade Runner” and “No Way Out,” was wanted for questioning in the Astoria burglary of two Apple MacBook Pros, totaled at $12,000, cops said Friday.

Surveillance footage at a 36th Avenue location outside of Bean’s & Lager restaurant captured two suspects — a man, in his 30s, and a woman, aged 58 — entering the building around noon Thursday without permission and leaving with the two laptops, according to police.

An employee at the Mediterranean restaurant confirmed the computers had been lifted from the premise, identified as School of Old by the NYPD, on Thursday afternoon. Reports later surfaced that the address was the site of offices used for a crew working on an upcoming film project, “Charlie Boy.”

Young brought the computers back to the crew Tuesday after saying the situation was a misunderstanding, Greg Kritkos, the co-writer of the film “Charlie Boy,” told The New York Post.

In a statement to People magazine Friday, Young said she was retrieving the items from an apartment where she’d been staying while working with Timothy Hines and Dominick Martini, director and producer of the film.

“I was expected and had confirmed my expected arrival with the building’s owner,” Young said. “When I arrived nobody was there to receive me but the door was unlocked and I assumed it had been left open so that I could pick up my belongings.”

Speaking with several publications, Hines denied Young’s statement and said her actions were a response to her being fired from the film’s set “due to workplace issues.”

“I gathered what I believed to be my property but later discovered I was mistaken,” Young continued. “I have contacted Dominick Martini to arrange for the 2 laptops to be returned and to pick up my 2 laptops at their earliest convenience.”

Young most recently starred in the NYC-set TNT series, “The Alienist,” which aired its first season earlier this year.

With a Hollywood career spanning decades, Young developed a reputation for headline-making behavior.

Her former co-star James Woods filed a harassment lawsuit against her in 1989; she designed her own Catwoman video in a plea to land the role in 1992’s “Batman Returns”; wore a catsuit during a “Late Show” appearance after losing out on the role; appeared on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” in 2011 where she opened up about an alcohol addiction; and in 2012, she was arrested after an altercation with an Oscars party security guard.

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