Selena Gomez busted! Cops break up party at star’s home

Party girl alert!

Party girl alert!

Cops were called to Selena Gomez’s California home on Tuesday night after a raging party there got out of hand, TMZ.com reported.

Neighbors of the star, who is back together with troublemaker beau Justin Bieber, called the police around 11:30 p.m. because the noise coming from the house was so loud, the windows were rattling, according to TMZ. Cops reportedly told Gomez, 21, to turn down the music “or else.”

The former Disney star’s family blames Bieber for her recent partying, both at her Hidden Hills home and during a recent late night at a Hollywood club. Gomez, meanwhile, has told her family that she and Bieber, who has a history of arrests and reported drug use, got back together because “he’s cleaned up his act.”

In January, Gomez voluntarily spent time at the Dawn of the Meadows treatment facility in Wickenburg, Arizona, but her rep insisted that it wasn’t to deal with substance abuse, even though reports suggested otherwise. The center treats conditions including trauma, depression, drug and alcohol addiction and panic and anxiety disorders.