Shows & films to binge while in COVID-19 quarantine

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Ray Romano in “The Irishman.” (Netflix)

Now is a good a time as ever to finally get into that new show you’ve wanted to binge, or that movie you’ve been itching to watch but just haven’t found the time.

Instead of listing off some of the more obvious choices on Hulu and Netflix currently, here’s a list of some shows and films that you might not know are streaming now — or just ones you might not know but are certainly glad to have found out about.

That’s not to say that options like “Stranger Things,” “Parks and Rec,” “The Office,” “Family Guy,” “Breaking Bad,” “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” “Big Mouth,” “The Irishman,” and many more fan favorites aren’t viable choices, but let’s address what else is on the table.

And yes, there’s plenty of other great shows and films that aren’t exclusive to this list as well.


The Looming Tower

This 10 episode limited series with Jeff Daniels chronicles the precursors of 9/11 while subsequently detailing FBI and CIA’s hunt for Osama Bin Laden from the late 1990s until 2001.

Super 8

A precursor and likely influence to “Stranger Things,” this 1980s period piece by JJ Abrams has it all: a bunch of kids discovering a government secret in their small, rural town, the military doing what it can to keep things under wraps, and a gigantic monster that breaks loose.


Angelina Jolie’s heart wrenching story of real life, American pilot and Olympic runner Louie Zamperini’s horrid treatment as a prisoner of war in the Pacific during World War II will certainly suck you in for a few hours.

Drake and Josh

HUG ME BROTHA! While this show may be oriented more to kids, there isn’t a millennial in the world that doesn’t crack up when Papa Nichols attacks Craig and Eric while Drake, Josh and Megan are riding the Demonator.

It deserves a spot on this list for the great nostalgia. 

The X-Files

 What better time to delve into a show that focuses on government conspiracies and the extraterrestrial than during a global pandemic? Just remember, the truth is out there.

When Harry Met Sally

A career defining film for both Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, this New York set romantic comedy is sure to pull you out of a quarantine funk.


This new limited series sees Nick Offerman in a much more intense role than much of his other work. It follows a quantum computing leader and all the dark secrets that follow.


Good news everyone! Matt Groening’s ‘other’ show about the life of a delivery boy frozen into the year 3000 is certainly something to watch during times of isolation.

One Punch Man

This one is for all the anime fans out there. 

Follow along this fun story of Saitama, “a hero for fun” that defeats almost all of his enemies with one punch and all the humor that it entails.



Now’s the chance to become a worldly, trivia buff by playing along what is one of the greatest game shows of our time.

The Shawshank Redemption

Considered to be one of the best films of all time, sit back and watch the plight of framed prisoner Andy Dufresne on his 20-year path to “rehabilitation.” 

The Other Guys

It’s not often a stellar cast like Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Samuel Jackson, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Michael Keaton, and Ice-T are all assembled, which makes this NYPD detective film the grand slam of an all star comedy movie.

The Spy

Sacha Baron Cohen dons the dramatic role in this limited series as Eli Cohen, the real Israeli spy who infiltrated the Syrian military and government ahead of the Six Day War.

The Dark Knight

You don’t need to be a comic book nerd to enjoy what’s arguably the best Batman film ever. Actually, what makes the film so outstanding is the focus on reality more so than fictional heroism. 

Living With Yourself

Paul Rudd and his botched, identical clone are the stars of this comedy series that makes the two sides of one’s personality quite visual — not to mention Tom Brady makes a cameo appearance. 


One of Martin Scorsese’s timeless mafia dramas tells the tale of real-life mobster Henry Hill’s rise and fall in the world of organized crime. 

The Kominsky Method

This show is as hilarious as it is touching. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin portray the story of two older Hollywood big shots that have only each other to get them through life’s inevitable and sometimes humorous challenges.

The Inbetweeners

Not many on our side of the pond are aware of this raunchy coming of age British comedy show, but those that do usually can’t stop laughing. 


Great movies are born from great opportunity.  Follow the inspiring and true story of Herb Brooks and the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team’s heroic toppling of the Soviet Union during the Lake Placid games.