Taylor Swift teases ‘Welcome to New York’ off upcoming 1989 album

Taylor Swift just couldn’t resist New York.

The singer gave us a taste on Monday of her upcoming album, 1989, with a preview of the single “Welcome to New York.”

“Searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before,” Swift sings. “And I said, welcome to New York.”

In a video interview, Swift says “New York has been an important landscape for the story of my life in the past couple of years.”


The full song, recorded with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, will be available on iTunes at midnight Tuesday. 1989 will be released on October 27.

“I dreamt about moving to New York, I obsessed about moving to New York, and then I did it,” Swift said. “The inspiration I found in that city is kind of hard to describe and is kind of hard to compare to any other force I’ve felt in my life. It’s like an electric city.”

We’ve all been there, Taylor.