Slay like Beyonce in a new dance class inspired by her Coachella performance

“Some call it arrogant/ I call it confident.”

Learn to slay like Beyoncé in this new dance class meant to build up your confidence to Queen Bey levels.

Aptly named the “#Beychella werkshop,” this class will have you believing your “persuasion can build a nation” by learning fierce dance moves similar to those on display at her Coachella performance this week.

The internet was aglow after the performance, which was the first time a female of color headlined Coachella — and it was epic.

With music provided by a live marching band, Destiny’s Child reunited, and, of course, the moves were on point.

The #Beychella class, slated for May 16, will teach Bey wannabes how to move with a crew a la Destiny’s Child and choreography pulled specifically from the show, according to Jami Stigliano, the founder of DivaDance — the studio putting on the class.

“We will be fresh off our own in-person experience,” Stigliano said, mentioning she’d be going to Coachella this weekend. “Beyoncé’s Coachella performance was a moment in pop culture that turned heads around the world. She embodies confidence. She’s the ultimate woman — an entertainer, a singer, a mother, a wife, a legend.”

Don’t worry if you don’t have dance training under your belt. The class will be made to make you feel as confident as Mrs. Carter, Stigliano said. The choreography will be given in a format that is accessible so you don’t need to feel like you have to become a professional dancer.

“You’ll leave feeling great,” Stigliano said. “You should feel good about it and have fun. What Beyoncé did with her Destiny’s Child girls is something you’ll see and be a part of.”

DivaDance at 440 Lafayette St., which now has franchises in Austin, D.C. and Chicago, started as a side hustle as a way to inspire and bring confidence to women by teaching them how to have the confidence of pop music entertainers, Stigliano said.

“Confidence impacts your whole life and it affects everything you do,” she added.

Tickets for the class are $28 and can be bought at divadance.com.