The McKittrick Hotel’s Halloween party takes suspenseful cues from Hitchcock films

For a true night of fright, start with the master of suspense, the artist of our nightmares, Alfred Hitchcock.

Films like "The Birds," "Psycho" and "Vertigo" are vignettes of pure terror that have been ingrained in our collective memory, and this Halloween, the chance to live inside them is possible.

On Oct. 25, 26 and 31, The McKittrick Hotel is hosting the "Hitchcock Halloween Party," an opulent, theatrical soiree that will transform the venue into a glamorous Hollywood movie premiere, where guests may find themselves enveloped in the shadow of Hitchcock’s’ suspenseful scenes.

"The world of Hitchcock is rich with inspiration for a Halloween celebration," said The McKittrick Hotel’s lead event producer, Victoria Gillmon. "There are so many iconic moments to play with. He introduced new ideas about how to make movies, entertain people and manipulate the audience. He was truly an innovator and trailblazer of his craft."

Gillmon said she cannot reveal any big surprises, but says that each room will have its own twists and touches brought to life through high-production props and sets, like how it transformed its ballroom into an English village green with real grass for "May Fair" or installed a giant water feature with dancers for a "Clue" -themed fete. 

You'll step inside the golden age of Hollywood and rub elbows with Hitchcock's leading ladies and gentlemen.
You’ll step inside the golden age of Hollywood and rub elbows with Hitchcock’s leading ladies and gentlemen. Photo Credit: DrielyS for The McKittrick Hotel

This time, with the red carpet rolled out, thematic elements could include birds, rope, binoculars, airplanes, eyeballs or "black and white psychosis," she said.

Guests and performers are expected to be "decked to the nines," like they would be at a film premiere in Hollywood’s golden age, Gillmon said.

Ticketholders can dress up as anyone they like — the "Hitchcock Blonde" (Melanie Daniels from "The Birds," Marion Crane from "Psycho"), the Leading Man (Roger Thornhill from "North by Northwest," Jeff Jefferies from "Rear Window," Norman Bates from "Psycho"), Baddies (Mrs. Danvers from "Rebecca," Mother from "Psycho"), their victims, detectives on the case, or any other Hitchcock character.

Will the man himself come out of the shadows to make an appearance? Gillmon said she wouldn’t be surprised to spot him as the night unfolds, much like how he’d nonchalantly stroll into a scene in one of his films.

Guests can purchase tickets for the party only; dinner and a party; for a theatrical performance of "Sleep No More," which is inspired by Shakespeare’s "MacBeth," and a party; or dinner, "Sleep No More" and a party. Tickets range in price from $75 to $360 and can be found at https://events.mckittrickhotel.com/hitchcockhalloween.