Grease lightning! Beauty oils worth greasing up for

Oil is for more than deep-frying and car tune-ups these days.

While oil and skin are sometimes known to clash, beauty oils have become the next “it” product to help spruce up skin, nails, hair and more!

What makes beauty oil so special?

“Oils have the most wonderful effect on the complexion due to their high affinity with the skin,” said facialist Vanda Serrador, who doubles as a Body Care Expert for The Body Shop. “Both dry AND oily skin, it turns out, actually need oil.”

Serrador recommends natural ingredients and seed oils, which are known “for their supreme revitalizing and repairing properties.”

To use, Serrador recommends a mini-facial dance. “Use your fingertips in a series of choreographed movements to help tone your facial muscles and improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Results will be improved skin tone, lymphatic drainage, and elasticity.”

Try out some of our favorite beauty oils to grease up your beauty routine.

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