6 dogs heading to Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue to find forever homes

Is this the weekend you take home a new furry BFF?

Six dogs, ranging from age 5 through 18, are on their way to Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue after losing their owner.

Nancy C. Kenfield, a longtime supporter of Badass’ Alabama partners Selma Animal Shelter and Wannabe Rescued, took in each of the dogs, according to the shelter. With her passing, these adoptive siblings have found themselves without homes again.

Badass’ rescue team is packing up puppy suitcases with toys and treats and bringing the dogs to Brooklyn in hopes that they won’t stay companionless for long.

They’ve all been named after the celebrities who play characters in the Universal Pictures film “The Secret Life of Pets.” Do their names match their characters’ personalities? You can meet them at Badass Brooklyn when they arrive this weekend and find out.

Badass hopes these pups will find homes quickly. If your landlord isn’t thrilled with the idea of you bringing home six dogs, they can be adopted separately.

If you’re interested in adopting, or want to know more about these dogs, visit badassbk.com.