Adam Richman’s ‘Secret Eats’: The foodie’s favorite NYC restaurants

Adam Richman likes a good secret — especially when it comes to food.

“There’s just that appeal of these great hidden places, of being the guy who knows a guy,” says the TV personality. “There’s a cool feeling about places like that.”

Richman celebrates the allure of these “in-the-know” restaurants and dishes in his latest Travel Channel show, “Secret Eats with Adam Richman,” which premieres its second season on Aug. 8.

In the series, Richman travels the globe for off-menu meals and hard-to-find spots — which, in the age of social media, can be a challenge in and of itself.

“Now the game is, how can I hide it more?” Richman says. “Chefs, like most creative professionals, get into a rut. I think they like the opportunity to freestyle and do something cool, even if it’s a secret menu item.”

At the end of the day, New York City is home, so we asked the Brooklyn native and current resident about his favorite “secret eats” in NYC — from hidden or unexpected restaurants to specific dining rooms and off-menu items.

“Secret Eats with Adam Richman” premieres Aug. 8 at 10 p.m. on the Travel Channel.