Asian fusion hotspot Wagamama opens new Midtown eatery

wagamama midtown nyc 5
Wagamama’s Midtown location. (Courtesy of Diane Blackman)

The trendsetting, Asian cuisine hub Wagamama has found another home in Manhattan — this one in Midtown. 

Formally opening at the end of last week, this location will be serving up all the classic offerings of the Britain-based restaurant chain, according to its Global Executive Chef, Steve Mangleshot.

He expressed excitement for the newest location on W 55th Street, explaining that the open style kitchen’s layout will aid in taking a ‘station by station’ approach to preparing Wagamama big plates along with its ‘okazu’ smaller ones. 

A beef bao bun from Wagamama’s. (Alex Mitchell)

On the subject of expansion, Mangleshot wants things to keep going and going — perhaps even out of Manhattan and into other American cities or some nearby suburbs, he explained during a media preview last Wednesday.

It was that same when newcomers and return customers were given an array of okazu samples, spanning from veggie tempura to tuna taki and chicken dumplings along with so much more.

A tuna taki sample platter at Wagamama’s.
(Alex Mitchell)

That night Mangleshot’s team had also whipped up plenty of Wagamama’s steamed bao buns, which while served in variety, had its Korean barbecue beef ones particularly fly off of serving platters.  

The new location’s creativity spans beyond just the food menu as its large scale, interior design and cocktail menu also present a contemporary aesthetic. 

One of those particularly sharp  offerings is the yuzu collins: a concoction of gin, yuzu sake, ginger liqueur, that’s sprinkled with mint and a topped with a cucumber in a tall and narrow glass.

A yuzu collins cocktail.
(Alex Mitchell)

As far as interior design goes, a freshly painted, floral-esque mural that features many parts of the Wagamama’s menu will also enhance the experience of restaurant goers too.

A muralist paints in the new Wagamama’s location.
(Alex Mitchell)

The lighting-scape, patterns, and symmetry within Wagamama’s design also present a proper balance to feng shui, particularly bar side. 

The bar at Wagamama’s in Midtown.
(Alex Mitchell)

Wagamama also has both a Murray Hill and NoMad location in Manhattan in addition to three restaurants in Boston as part of its 200 locations worldwide.

Wagamama Midtown,  100 w 55th St., West Village, 332-900-6111. Open seven days a week, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Online takeout options available.