‘Deadpool’-themed bar to bring free pizza and booze to Williamsburg

This is no spoof trailer.

A “Deadpool”-themed bar teasing the Marvel film’s upcoming sequel will pop up in town later this month, bringing free booze and pizza to the Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg.

For three nights in April at 600 Metropolitan Ave., Sister Margaret’s School for Wayward Girls will recreate for New York City fans the former Catholic school-turned-watering hole where mercenary Wade Wilson spends his spare time in the comic-based blockbuster. Visitors will be able to play pool and place morbid bets in a “dead pool.”

They’ll also have access to free cans of Mike’s Harder — that fruity not-quite-beer drink no one can quite define — and free slices of pizza with “toppings to make it look like Deadpool,” according to a spokeswoman for the hard beverage company sponsoring the pop-up.

Is Sister Margaret’s fated to be as popular as Alvin Cailan’s “Bob’s Burgers” pop-up at Chefs Club Counter or as much of a flop as the “Star Wars”-themed Darkside Bar that brought intergalactic burlesque shows to SoHo?

You decide: Sign up to attend one evening from April 26 to 28 here, but still plan on showing up early, because an “RSVP does not guarantee entry,” according to the event listings website.

“Deadpool 2” hits theaters on May 18. 

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