Next up from Dominique Ansel: chocolate-chip cookie milk shots

If there’s something people love more than donuts, it’s milk and cookies. The baker who famously paired a donut and a croissant, (yes, the brilliant Dominique Ansel) clearly knows this. How else can you explain Chocolate-Chip Cookie Milk Shots?

Ansel is bringing his latest creation (along with Cronuts, of course) to SXSW to test it out. We predict those hungry, drunk and fun-loving techies, film-addicts and music-lovers will be psyched to try it.

A representative tells us the cookie is a “special recipe that allows it to be properly shaped.” She added that it’s crispy on the edges and moist at the base! Yum… The cookie is filled with a cold shot of organic whole milk.

How would you eat a cookie and milk shot? I think i’d take small sips, then bites, then another sip and then more bites. But I have a feeling i’d want to guzzle the ice-cold milk straight away…

Who is going to SXSW? Bring one back for us?

UPDATE: Ansel tells Fast Company his new creation is coming to New York, most likely as an afternoon special. Get ready!