Tutti Matti’s all-you-can-eat gnocchi night is only for the strong

When I learned that a restaurant in Long Island City hosted an all-you-can-eat gnocchi night, I knew this was the one NYC eating challenge I needed to take on.

Actually, Tutti Matti’s $17 endless gnocchi Mondays are not a competition at all (you can’t, for example, win a share of the restaurant or a plaque on the wall for eating more gnocchi than anyone else), but I was ready to take on the gnocchi in my own personal gorging challenge.

Hey, if you can’t die eating what you love, why even eat at all? That was my motto for this self-inflicted carb overdose.

To prepare for my big gnocchi moment, I’d eaten the equivalent of a leaf for my 12 p.m. combo breakfast/lunch and had only two black coffees to fuel me throughout the afternoon. Outfitted in a stretchy dress and hungry for the 13 pounds of gnocchi chef Giovanni Vittorio Tagliafierro is said to make at Tutti Matti each Monday, I was ready for all the gnocchi I could eat.