Everlane ‘Pay What You Want’ sale lets shoppers choose a price

You can’t beat these prices.

That’s because you’re choosing on a scale of three discounted prices at Everlane‘s end-of-year “Pay What You Want” sale.

The San Francisco-based online-only clothing and accessories retailer offers total transparency about where its garments come from and the factory standards in place for the pieces they sell.

According to its website, Everlane’s biggest market is in New York, though its clothing is sourced from all over the world.

To celebrate the end of the year, Everlane is letting customers name a price that they feel is fair for selected overstock apparel.

“The program was started as a way to be transparent with customers on the brand’s inventory process and markups,” said an Everlane spokesperson. “It sometimes happens that they get so excited about a new design that a bit too much is ordered. They’re using the Choose Your Price program as a way to move some of that overstock and clear inventory.”

So far, The Street Shoe, Women’s Slim Trouser and Women’s Wool Trench have been the most popular items in the sale. Check out what you can price yourself — happy shopping!

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