Purr-fect parody: ‘Felines of New York’ showcases city cats

Humans of New York, meow down, Felines of New York is bringing on the clawsome competition.

FONY, which launched in February, features “a glimpse into the lives of New York’s feline inhabitants” complete with quotes and adorably posed pictures.

We caught up with FONY creator Jim Tews to learn more about his project and how to make our favorite NYC cats Internet celebrities.


What made you want to start Felines of New York?

I thought Humans of New York was really cool, but it was very serious. I thought it would be good if we heard what the fine cats of this great city had to say.


How does Humans of New York inspire FONY?

I think that’s an amazing project, but cats are way funnier.


Are feline subjects different from humans?

Sometimes they hide under furniture when you try to photograph them. I’ve never seen a human do that.


What makes a cat a New Yorker?

New York cats have a different vibe. I feel like they know they’re living in a great city. They also know how to hail cabs.


What can we expect from FONY in the future?

Lots more cats with lots more to say! There’s a lot of cats in a lot of environments in this city and I want to snap photos of them all.


If I want my favorite bodega cat to be featured on FONY, how would I go about that?

Just tell me where it’s at! I’m on the search for more bodega cats. I feel like they were everywhere before I started this project, but now that I’m carrying a camera they’ve gone into hiding.


Probably true. We know plenty of camera shy kitties. Check out felinesofnewyork.com for more cat-loving humor, art and a chance at feline fame.