Sanitary confinement: Cuomo introduces “superior” NYS hand sanitizer made by cons

NYS Clean Hand Sanitizer
Governor Andrew Cuomo introduces NYS Clean Hand Sanitizer in Albany (Governor’s Office)

Some of New York state’s incarcerated population is to thank for a new, cost efficient hand sanitizer that will be distributed throughout schools, the MTA, and other state agencies in upcoming days.

Governor Andrew Cuomo slathered on the citrusy scented, floral bouquet “NYS Clean” sanitizer in Albany on Monday, calling it “superior” to competing brands like Purell — which the governor has also criticized for price gouging in the wake of coronavirus hysteria.

Cuomo also threatened to put NYS Clean on the open market if “Mister Amazon” and others continue to ramp up pricing of hand sanitizer and related products.

NYS Clean Hand Sanitizer. (Governor’s Office)

Pumping out 100,000 gallons per week, the state’s prison labor agency Corcraft is manufacturing the hand sanitizer at $6.10 per gallon, $1.12 for a 7 oz. bottle, and 84 cents for a small, handheld hand sanitizer, Cuomo announced, also boasting that it contains 75% alcohol as opposed to the CDC recommended 60%. 

One of the first batches will be sent to New Rochelle, a “significant hot spot” for coronavirus in the state, according to the governor.