The best grocery delivery services in New York you should know about

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As the coronavirus lingers in New York, many people don’t want to risk going outside or into any public areas such as grocery stores. Luckily, many grocery stores and markets in and around New York City are offering delivery services so you can keep your refrigerators and cabinets stocked! Here are our top picks for grocery delivery services in New York you should definitely check out.

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New York Grocery Delivery Services You Should Know About

Buon Italia
Delivers to various zip codes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens 

Bring a little bit of Italy to your home! Have some of your favorite pastas, olive oils, and seafood delivered so you can try out some new Italian recipes. If you’re looking for good snacks to munch on, Buon Italia also has great cheese and meat platters that you can buy to spice up a family night in! Get authentic Italian food products without having to go out to a restaurant.

Dickson’s Farmstand Meats
Delivers to various zip codes in Manhattan 

Dickson’s Farmstand Meats is a butcher shop located in Chelsea Market and offers artisanal meats and house-made charcuterie. All of the meat from butcher shop comes from small family farms in upstate New York. Their meat is raised without added hormones, prophylactic antibiotics, or animal by-products, making it a healthy choice for your family. Buying from Dickson’s Farmstand Meats will not only help local businesses, but also make sure you’re getting the best quality meat.

Garden Gourmet Market
Delivers to various zip codes in The Bronx

Garden Gourmet Market has been a popular destination in the Bronx for all of your grocery needs, and during this pandemic, they are offering delivery services. To help out the community, the market will be offering same-day delivery and will be delivered in as little as two hours or at the time of your choice. The huge menu that they offer includes anything and everything you might need in your house. If you’re really not in the mood to cook anything, Garden Gourmet also offers prepared food that will make for an easy meal.

Las Delicias Patisserie
Delivers to various zip codes in Manhattan and Queens 

If you’re craving something sweet or just want to start enjoying more handcrafted breads, then Las Delicias Patisserie is the place to order from. Located in Chelsea Market, Las Delicias Patisserie is a boutique artisanal bakery producing high-end pastries baked with the finest, locally-sourced ingredients. The shop sells gluten-free, kosher, and vegetarian options so all different eaters can enjoy their delicious food.

Manhattan Fruit Market
Delivers to various zip codes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens 

If you want to find some interesting fruits and vegetables, the Manhattan Fruit Market has it all. The market sells fruits and vegetables, but what makes them different is that they specialize in produce that is not found in common food stores. Choose from a variety of different potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, lettuce, and much more in order to cook something new and exciting. Step out of your comfort zone while stuck at home and experiment with different produce.

Delivers to Manhattan below 92nd Street on the East Side and all of Manhattan below 114th

Get everything you would have at a regular grocery store through MaxDelivery! Not only does MaxDelivery sell food, but it also sells drug store and household supplies as well. If you’re looking to get a little taste of some of the best places in New York City, their “Best of NY” section allows you to order from places such as Dylan’s Candy Bar and Macaroon Cafe. When going out for delivery, MaxDelivery works hard to make sure all of their customers get the food they need as quickly as possible. Rain or shine, this company delivers 90% of their orders in an hour.

Mirchi Market
Delivers to various zip codes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx

In the mood for some Indian food? Mirchi can help you collect all of the ingredients you might need so you don’t have to leave the house. Mirchi offers top quality desi groceries, food products, and brands that cover all the major categories you would need to make a meal. When your order is all prepped, Mirchi delivers your groceries in thoughtful packaging to preserve the freshness and integrity of your ordered items. The market will work around the customer’s schedule to deliver their food at a day and time of their convenience

Misfit Markets
Delivers to all zip codes in New York

You don’t have to go looking for high-quality produce when you can just have it delivered to your door! Misfit Markets specializes in rescuing food that most other grocery stores don’t qualify as “perfect.” When ordering with the company, you are able to choose what size box you would like and they will fill it up with organic fruits and vegetables that the whole family will like! When subscribing to the website, you are able to get the produce delivered to your home each week or every other week.

Raw Generation
Delivers to all zip codes in New York City

Raw Generation prides itself on sourcing the freshest produce straight to your door! Get fresh fruit and vegetables delivered for free, with each box of produce being a little different and unique. Order some of their fresh fruit boxes that include children’s all-time favorites such as red apples, avocados, bananas, oranges, pineapple, and more. Or check out the healthy vegetable box full of brussels sprouts, baby carrots, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, zucchini and other veggies that vary depending on the season.

Saxelby Cheesemongers
Delivers to various zip codes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens 

Any type of cheese you need, Saxelby will have it! Saxelby Cheesemongers offers farmstead and artisan cheeses that cheese lovers will fall in love with! Cheese and meat platters are also available to order, as well as a selection of craft beers and ciders. Saxelby’s is a family-owned company and strives to instill a love for cheese in every home.

The Market Place
Delivers to Manhattan and Brooklyn 

People that prefer or want to try kosher food should schedule a delivery from The Market Place! The Market Place’s mission is to provide their customers with outstanding service, fast delivery, and exceptional value. Get to choose some of your favorite produce, meats, and cheeses from your home without having to go outside!

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