There’s still one Juicy Couture boutique left in NYC!

It’s not easily accessible, which may be a good thing.

If you thought you finally said goodbye to J-zipper velour hoodies with matching track pants when Juicy Couture closed all its U.S. stores last June, you were oh so wrong.

The Juicy Couture flagship at 650 Fifth Ave. has been empty for more than a year, but there’s still a boutique to try on all your favorite multicolored tracksuits with three-figure price tags.

Juicy Couture’s only NYC store couldn’t be harder to get to: it’s in Kennedy Airport’s Terminal 4, past security.

Both domestic and international flights depart from what JFK’s website calls “The Terminal of Choice,” but Juicy Couture addicts aren’t required to actually board a flight to shop at the difficult-to-access store.

JFK’s Juicy Couture boutique, which is pretty perfect for a pair of preflight sweats, has been open since 2011 and is still going strong. The 700-square-foot space offers a variety of Juicy garments, from handbags to more formal blouses, dresses and of course plenty of tracksuits.

Now you finally have a reason to look forward to flying via JFK.

Melissa Kravitz