KKB Talk: Talking perfume with the woman behind Annick Goutal

Kareem Potomont, 21, was charged with shooting 13-year-old Gama Droiville in the head and eye.
Kareem Potomont, 21, was charged with shooting 13-year-old Gama Droiville in the head and eye.

Camille Goutal has a nose for the perfume business.

Her late mother, Annick, had one too. The pianist and model went into the skin care business before branching out into her signature fragrances. Working with perfumer, Henri Sorsana, she created her first three perfumes — Folavril, Passion, and Eau d’Hadrien — though her era of bespoke fragrances, like charlotte mimosa and cocoa, are reflective in her ever-popular Eau de Charlotte.

One of Annick’s dreams recently came true, as the 33-year-old perfume brand just opened its first stateside stand-alone shop on Bleecker Street. On opening night of the highly anticipated boutique, Camille talked about her mother’s legacy and clued us into her world of fragrance.

Q What’s your role at Annick Goutal?

A I’m the nose, and the daughter of Annick Goutal.

Q Are you excited about your first shop in New York?

A It was my mother’s dream, so yes.

Q How did Annick get her start in fragrances?

Q My mother was a pianist and a model. She didn’t like modeling so she opened an antique shop. She started with my grandmother to create skincare and then she added fragrance.

Q What was the first Goutal fragrance?

A We made Folavril (crazy April). My mother loved the spring winds and blossoming flowers and the fields.

Q What’s your favorite fragrance?

A Songes. It’s the scent of the beach and spices.

Q What’s your relation to Bonpoint?

A My aunt created Bonpoint, which is across the street [on Bleecker] and in SoHo. My family has the Merci stores in Paris.

Q Which do you prefer, New York or Paris?

A The cities are so different, but have the same energy. This area [Bleecker Street] has the same Parisian energy and friendly shops. It reminds me of the Le Marais in Paris.

Q What are your favorite restaurants?

A I love Momofuku, Estela, PDT, 12 Chairs and my uncle owns Le Colonial.

Q What’s your favorite store in New York City?

A I love the Topshop here. It’s better than in London.

Q What do you love about New York City?

A I love all the fashion, shopping and architecture. I’m a photographer and I love the light of the city — it has an idea of infinity. You always want to explore and go further into New York. There is a need to discover here.