8 reasons Jimmy McMillan shouldn’t be evicted, as told by a former neighbor

The rent is officially way too damn high. Jimmy McMillan, also known as the Rent is Too Damn High candidate for mayor, was served an eviction notice on Jan. 15 at his East Village apartment.

McMillan, 68, pays $872 a month to live in a one-bedroom on St. Mark’s and was scheduled to be evicted in February. But the Vietnam War vet has called on Adult Protective Services, the Village Voice reports, citing PTSD, memory loss and other medical issues. So far, he’s been able to stay put.

As a former neighbor of McMillan’s, I made the customary move from the East Village to Brooklyn last year, thanks to the rent being, well, too damn high. While the pilgrimage over to the bigger borough has become more and more typical over the last few years, McMillan is an East Village staple and the neighborhood would change without him.

Melissa Kravitz