Study shows that NYC is the best city for thrifting

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Thrift stores have been around since the mid-1800s. Originally created to aid those in need of affordable clothing, in recent years thrift stores have become a trendy spot to find unique pieces of clothing.

Buying second-hand is not only affordable but helps the Earth heal as fast fashion companies continue to pump out cheap textiles that usually end up in landfills when the next fashion trend begins. Thrifting allows clothing to find a new home in a sustainable, ethical way.

Lawn Love, a lawn care company, looked into which cities in the United States are the best for thrifting. The way the data was calculated was by seeing how many thrift stores, flea markets and analyzing how many Google searches the city gets for “thrift store,” “flea market,” and “thrift store near me” over the past 12 months.

New York City got placed at the number one spot on the list, naming it the best city for thrifting. According to the study, NYC has the most thrift stores and flea markets out of all the big cities across the U.S. With iconic places like Beacon’s Closet and Cure Thrift, NYC holds unique and charitable stores. Cure is a non-profit store that donates its proceeds to advocacy groups that fight for youths with type 1 diabetes. You can also find classics like Salvation Army and Goodwill all across the city. 

Coming in second place is Houston, Texas. The Lone Star state has the most Habitat for Humanity ReStores out of all the other cities. At these stores people can donate items and the sale of those items will go straight into aiding local families in their fight for more affordable housing. The thrift store fosters community while also getting you a great deal on both vintage and modern styles. There are also tons of flea markets to check out while in Houston.

According to Lawn Love’s data, this year has yielded a 24% increase in the growth of second-hand shopping. The sustainable living trend is only projected to grow more in the next coming years. These used items are finally finding life again in the hands of new owners.

Click here to read the full report. Happy thrifting! 

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