Former New York sales pro pens new book that’s all about selling


If you’re in the business of selling in New York, this is one book you’ll want to check out.

“The Last Book About Selling That You’ll Ever Need,” by Ira Ellenthal, is an anecdotal how-to book drawn from his decades-long career in sales and marketing management for such publications as the New York Daily News, U.S, News & World Report, The Atlantic and Fast Company.

Available on Amazon for $12.95, the book has been greeted by an enthusiastic response from a wide assortment of former colleagues, competitors and self-appointed critics, among others, and has been nominated as the best book of 2020 in its category.

Said Jay Walker, founder of Priceline, “There are a million books that try to teach you how to sell, but the best books don’t sell, they tell stories. And when those stories make you smile or, even better, surprise you while smiling, those are the lessons that stick with you. A lifetime of listening has given Ira Ellenthal a million stories to choose from, and he handpicked those with the most power to improve anyone’s closing rate.”

“While entertaining us, Ellenthal loads his book with solid information and offers new ideas and approaches. A great read by a brilliant salesman, this book is a must for the tyro as well as the seasoned pro,” according to writer Penelope Karageorge.

Joe Garrett, a retired business executive, said colorfully, “Ellenthal’s wit and irreverent, imaginative, unique, and highly effective sales methods confirm that we are all selling, all of the time, consciously or not.”

And, Ellenthal’s favorite, this from someone who defined himself or herself simply as a shopper: “In short, hard-hitting chapters, the author conveys the essence of what it takes to make the sale in any situation. A sales masterpiece.”

This is Ellenthal’s third book. In 2003, he wrote “Slootie’s Wars,” a memoir of his father, a former professional boxer. Author Pete Hamill, who died recently, wrote its introduction.

Twenty years earlier, Ellenthal wrote his first book, “Selling Smart,” and began establishing his reputation as a world-class seller.

Married for nearly six decades, he and his wife, Judy, have three sons and eight grandchildren and live in Old Greenwich, CT.